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Support Services: Loss & Grief

Although death is the ultimate loss, there are more subtle; hidden but equally devastating losses arising from debilitating medical conditions like those asbestos associated as the major issues an Asbestos related disease sufferer may have to cope with.

Field Social Workers see; Some of the things we suggest: The Remaining Spouse
Rather than wanting to talk about the primary factual model (i.e. what the loss was and how the loss occurred), the focus of discussion is more on the impact of the loss on their lives. Typically, they talk of emptiness and desolation and the re-occurring visual images of final days/weeks and how this is hard to dispel. They talk about not being able to share with their partner (lost a lifetime of shared experiences) and feeling they won’t be able to do things on their own. They must face new realities and there is a need to re-invent themselves – reconstruction of a world of meaning is the central process in grieving.

Helping Others
As a member of the ADSSA Community you may sometimes be in a position to listen and help others grieve: The ADSSA has a dedicated ADSSA Social Worker to help with any or all of the above. If you need help with any of the above please call us here and ask to speak with our Social Worker.