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Support Services: Support Groups

Asbestos Related Diseases support group meetings are held on a regular basis. Usually they are held in the Board or Conference rooms at our Hurtle Square offices.

Please check your monthly Newsletter or on this Website for the next meeting date.

The meetings provide an opportunity for guest speakers on occasions; allow for open discussion and have a social component.

Support Group meetings are underpinned by an “empowerment model”. Discussions are confidential and moderated by a trained Social Worker.

These groups provide a safe environment for people to “tell their stories” which can help reduce three of the most significant psycho-social stressors people face with a chronic illness – unwanted aloneness; loss of control and loss of hope.

These groups can provide emotional support; information support (provision of health and wellness information) and companionship (help people to feel connected and enjoy being with others).

Other benefits include providing reassurance that people’s reactions are “normal”, express fears/frustration about their condition, knowing others are going through and will understand, be a place where people can relax, joke and be themselves.

Many people who join support groups find that they give out as much as they receive, which raises their confidence about their coping abilities.

ADSSA also offers both individual and group counselling from our qualified Social Worker. Individual counselling can be provided on a “face to face” basis and can take place at home or in hospital.