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Information: Trade School Training

New Training Role in Asbestos Awareness

Industry Training

In 2011 ADSSA commenced a unique training program. The aim is to run workshops, seminars and training sessions at all Trade Schools within South Australia.

Ian Sheppard, the President of ADSSA, sent letters to a number of Principals of Trade Schools. The response was good with some schools immediately taking up the offer. They recognised the need to train their students in asbestos awareness prior to entering the workforce.

All courses in SA Trade Schools come with assistance from the Construction Industry Training Board under the banner of Doorways2Construction. To find out more about the program check out the following link... Construction Industry Training Board

At the present time ADSSA has insufficient funds to carry out the full program. Whilst SafeWork SA does provide an annual grant for asbestos awareness training, the funds are far from sufficient to cover all training requested by organisations.

It is vital that ALL students have knowledge of the dangers of asbestos in both the workplace and their homes.