The Asbestos Diseases Society of South Australia

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About ADSSA: Sponsors

To carry out our many roles, ADSSA relies on donations and funds from the general public and our valued sponsors.

List of Sponsors
  • Safework SA
    Annual Grants for Asbestos Awareness Training and Workshops
  • Workcover SA
    A grant since November 2010, to fund the ADSSA Social Worker
  • Konica Minolta
    Assists us in the production of our monthly newsletter and other colour printing. Please remember Konica Minolta if you are in the market for a quality photocopier
  • Cancer Council of SA
    Valuable assistance given by staff and volunteers in folding and posting ADSSA newsletters
  • Garner Memorials
    Assistance in providing identification and engraving of the Memorial Walkway at Jack Watkins Reserve
  • Best Bricks & Pavers
    Supply of Memorial Pavers at Jack Watkins Reserve
  • City of Port Adelaide Enfield
    For their great work in setting up and maintaining Jack Watkins Reserve
  • McMahon Services
    Leaders in Asbestos Management
  • MPA Services
    Asbestos Removalists, Phone 0411 099 571
Safework SA
Konica Minolta
Cancer Council SA
Garner Memorials
Best Bricks & Pavers
City of Port Adelaide Enfield
McMahon Services
MPA Services