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The ADSSA Board of Directors (as of 30th March 2013)

Under the Sole Patronage of His Excellency Rear Admiral Kevin Scarce AC.CSC. RANR Governor of South Australia

The ADSSA Board of Directors, working for and committed to Asbestos Related Disease Victims & their families and promoting Asbestos Awareness to warn others of the horrific dangers of Asbestos are;
John Carter

Ian Sheppard
Nev. Kitchin

Dr Kevin Purse
Adrian Meegan
Tricia Callegar
Peter Photakis
- Vice President (Leader in Asbestos   Management)
- President, Operations Coordinator
- Treasurer (Public Service   Association)
- (Business Management/Lecturer)
- (Lawyer)
- Secretary (Medical Liaison)
- Trade School Instructor

The Board seeks advise from Penny Jacomos on the psychosocial issues regarding clients and relies on financial advice and auditing by Patricia Sobels
Shown in the photo, from left to right:
John Carter - Vice President (Leader in Asbestos Management),
Ian Sheppard - President & Operations Co-ordinator, Nev Kitchin - Treasurer(Public Service Association), Dr Kevin Purse (Business Management/Lecturer) and
Adrian Meegan (Lawyer), Tricia Callegar - Secretary(Medical Liaison), Peter Photakis - Trade School Instructor